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BOLZ INTEC combines tradition & innovation

Industry-leading solutions in stainless steel for pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals & cosmetics

Over 100 years have passed since we were founded in 1919 as a supplier to Zeppelin, but we are still driven by the same values and goals.

The results of the combination of tradition & innovation make BOLZ INTEC a "Preferred Supplier" of many well-known customers who are looking for a reliable partner committed to the excellence of its products.

1919: Foundation of the company as Ballauf & Springer in Friedrichshafen
1964: Foundation as Alfred Bolz GmbH & Co KG in Wangen, start of production of more than 300,000 containers for dairy farmers
1975: Relocation from Friedrichshafen to Eisenharz
1980-1985: Expansion of the product range for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries on an international level
1995: Separation from the Bolz Group

In 2008, the company changed its name to BOLZ INTEC GmbH and took on its current form. Since then, we have developed into an industry-leading supplier of drums, hoppers, pressure vessels and special designs made of stainless steel for a wide range of industries. Today, the focus is on the pharmaceutical industry, specialty chemicals and the cosmetics industry, but BOLZ INTEC's quality also finds its customers in other industries where hygiene and product safety play a crucial role. In 2019, BOLZ INTEC GmbH celebrated its 100th anniversary.

The latest milestone in BOLZ INTEC's company history is the presentation of the "Optimized Grind Finishing" (OGF) process developed in cooperation with the University of Constance in 2023, which reduces particle adhesion to stainless steel surfaces to a new minimum.

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Customers worldwide value containers & constructions from our production

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Fault tolerance

Quality is a priority at BOLZ INTEC! We make sure that even the tiniest detail is taken into account in the production of even the smallest product. Our focus is 100% on the requirements and satisfaction of our customers.

Unsurpassed quality

BOLZ INTEC stands for innovation, quality and precision in the manufacture of stainless steel drums, pressure vessels, apparatus and constructions according to our customers' specifications. As a close partner to the pharmaceutical, specialty chemicals and cosmetics industries, we focus on innovative solutions that set new standards in quality and hygiene, bring our customers tangible economic benefits and are tailored precisely to their requirements.

Innovative solutions

Research carried out by BOLZ INTEC in cooperation with the University of Constance has shown that the way in which stainless steel surfaces are removed plays a key role in minimizing particle adhesion. Different grinding methods result in different adhesion behaviour, despite the same Ra values, and the OGF process from BOLZ INTEC sets new standards for minimizing this.

Products from BOLZ INTEC stand for high efficiency, low costs & great economy

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Passion & motivation for best practice

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